We went to see the surgeon today about the abscess by Lizzie’s feeding tube.  They called me back yesterday, and told me they had an opening at 9:00 am, and could we make it in?  Of course I jumped at the appointment, thinking we were being made a priority.  Then I was told that the doctor would be squeezing us in.  Between surgeries.  How that is an opening to see the doctor, I don’t get.

So, we went today.  We only waited about 20 minutes, which surprised me, because with our “standby-for-an-opening” status I expected to wait an eternity.  However, we got in the room, the doctor came in, looked under Lizzie’s bandage, and said, “Looks like we have a small abscess there.”  No, really?  Why did he think we were there?  We just happened to have an appointment, and oh goodness this abscess just cropped up.  I mean, really, did I need him to tell me what it was?  We made the appointment because there was an abscess.  I needed him to find out what is causing it.

So, he says, “Do you live nearby?”  I thought, Why?  Are you coming by our house later to take care of this?  Then he says his next patient was being put to sleep, and asked if we could come back Friday to have the actual digging and cauterizing done.  I mean, as if that wasn’t horrible enough the first time, now I have to anticipate it for three days?  It’s times like this that I am grateful that there are things Lizzie cannot understand.  How horrible would it be if she had to anticipate this for three days?

The assistant tells me, “We’ll just give you back your co-pay and your referral, and it’ll be like today’s visit never happened.”  Maybe for you.  But you weren’t up late last night with a sick dog, who you weren’t sure would make it, only to get up, get ready, get your kid ready, get her feeding ready, get her medication ready, load her in her wheelchair in the car, and head to the hospital (wasting gas and money), breaking your neck to be there by 9 am, only to go to an appointment that on the books never existed.  Really?  I wish we hadn’t gone.  Why couldn’t they have just scheduled us for Friday in the first place?  The last few times, when our pediatrician called to get us the appointment and the abscess was really angry-looking and draining nasty stuff, did they care about us coming in right away?  Did they break their necks to get her in?  No, they told us the doctor was on vacation, and how would it be if they fit us in a week and a half from now?  Now, when the abscess wasn’t that bad, we called to make our own appointment, and they had no time to see us, they squeeze us in only to be basically rescheduled?  Does that make sense to anyone else?  Because it sure doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m hoping we finally make some progress and get to the bottom of things on Friday.  This is getting to be a nuisance, and Lizzie and I are so ready to be done.