Okay.  I have had it.  I wrote yesterday about our wasted visit to the hospital to see a surgeon who did nothing but ask us to come back Friday.  I was already angry about that.  This morning they called me and said that the doctor will be going out-of-town tomorrow to have surgery of his own, and would we be able to come in next Wednesday.  I think my heart missed a beat, and steam may have shot from my ears.  I lit into his assistant.  We were just there yesterday and he did NOTHING.  We were brushed off and asked to come back on Friday.  Are you seriously telling me that he didn’t know he was going out-of-town to have surgery of his own?  I’m sorry, I have a tendency not to believe this, as we’ve been brushed off by his partner for sudden out-of-town excursions.  It is unbelievable at this point.  I was told that we could see him Wednesday.  That’s my son’s first day of school.  She said, well we can get you in early he starts at 7:30.  I repeated, that’s my son’s first day of school, and he goes from 8:30 to 9:30.  She then told me that we could see the partner (the first doctor to blow us off numerous times) on Monday instead.  I said at this point I didn’t care who we saw, as long as someone actually took care of this.  Yet, somehow I ended up with an appointment on Wednesday at 11:00.  I am livid.

I am pretty sure, that by this time next week her abscess will have dried up and there will be nothing they can do.  Then a week later it will crop up again, and the surgeon will probably be on vacation again.  I am beside myself.  This is ridiculous.  These doctors seem to spend more time out-of-town than in.  Is that anyway to run a practice that is supposed to take care of kids?  I pray to God that we never need actual surgery from these guys.  I am sure getting a follow-up appointment is a joke.