Today we had the mobility people come out to do an assessment on Lizzie’s chair.  She has been looking a little out-of-place in her chair for a while, and there were some minor and not so minor repairs that needed to be addressed.  The man from the mobility company took one look at Lizzie in her chair, and said, “Yeah, I’d say we need an adjustment.”

Recently Lizzie hasn’t been wearing her new back brace because between her tube infection (which we didn’t want to add unnecessary pressure to), and our air being out-of-order for a while (and us not wanting Lizzie to overheat) we’d been letting her go without it.  However, I made sure that I put it on today for the growth adjustment, because she will be wearing it again full-time, and we needed her chair adjustment done for her with the back brace.  She sits differently in the brace, and she is wider and taller in the brace.  But I have to admit, Lizzie all stretched out, in her brace, looks too big for her chair almost to the point of absurdity.

The nice man from the mobility company told us that he will have to get all new (custom-made) seating for Lizzie, and new headrest, new pads for her arm rests, a new harness (she’s gnawed hers to bits), and new hip and lateral supports.  Basically, once it gets adjusted (and revamped) Lizzie will have a new chair.  The only things that are staying are the frame and the wheels.  We are even getting new parts for her tilt-in-space mechanism that will allow for her to tilt from upright to reclined again.  Yay!  The only thing is we have to wait for the insurance to approve the assessment, and for the parts to come in (or be made in the case of our seats) so it will probably be a few weeks until it’s able to be done.

I am excited.  She really needs her chair to be adjusted and fixed.  Maybe that’s why she’s been so fussy at feeding times lately.  Maybe she’s uncomfortable in her chair.  I look forward to the call that they’re coming out to do the work.