It’s been a week since Lizzie’s last seizure.  She is back in school, and doing well.  Today was her second day back.

I just re-read my page about epilepsy and realized that I stated at the end that she hadn’t had any seizures since the Keppra was added to her regimen.  I guess I can no longer say that.  These were shorter seizures, 3 and 5-7 minutes respectively.  I did have to give her emergency medicine.  The only thing they found is that her sodium was low, and so we are cutting back on water to see if we can fix that problem.  However, her sodium was borderline low, and her one medication is known to lower sodium, so whether this is the reason or not, I don’t know.

The neurologist on call raised her Keppra, and we are to see her current neurologist on the 9th.  I am hoping to get some more answers then.  We have to get a new sodium level before then.

There was a weird fever that cropped up in the middle of the whole ordeal, but no one explained that either.  There was no fever while the seizure was happening (I checked it was 96 something), and they checked in the ambulance and ER.  No fever.  But when we were moved to the floor, she had a 101.7 fever, which after a dose of Tylenol never came back.  Bizarre.

Anyway, that’s where we’re at now.  Lizzie went back to school on Friday, and other than being a little cranky and biting her clothes today, she’s been fine.  We’re back to business as usual.