Last night I had to perform the heartbreaking task of keeping a sleepy seven-year-old awake so that she could go to the hospital today and have an EEG performed.  Per the hospital’s instructions I was to calculate how much time my daughter usually sleeps and cut that in half taking equal time off the front and back of her bed time.  This in my case was more of an educated guess, because Lizzie rarely goes to sleep at the same time, and is usually up at 5:00 a.m. when my alarm goes off.  Since she’s usually down for the count by 10 at the latest, I used 10-5 as my sleep time.  Cutting that in half to 3 1/2 hours I kept her up until midnight, when her eyelids were so heavy she couldn’t lift them, and woke her up at 3:30 a.m.  I felt like an evil villain in a Disney movie going in to wake her up at 3:30.  She was curled up on her side, sleeping peacefully.  She fought me waking her, trying to hold on to the remnants of sleep.

Last time Lizzie was in for an EEG, it did not go well.  I kept her up all night, but she fell asleep during the 10 minutes I tried to park, and would not fall asleep.  She screamed the entire test time, saying over and over again, “Aw, duh.”  Which is Lizzie speak for, “I’m all done now, take me home.”  She broke my heart.  So I was not looking forward to this test.

Again Lizzie surprised me.  At first they tried the distraction approach.  They gave Lizzie an extra set of wires and leads to hold.  She loved that, up until they tried to get her to lay her neck on a towel roll to get the leads on her head.  Lizzie moved off the roll to the flattest part of the bed, more than once.  That’s when they got the idea to pappoose her.  I did not think that would go well, but Lizzie didn’t mind it as much as I thought she would.  They wrapped her like a newborn (arms tucked inside the sheet) from her neck to her waist.  Then they put the leads on her head, and wrapped her head in bandages.  Lizzie squirmed in the dark for a while, but she couldn’t move much.  I laid next to her on the bed, to make sure that she didn’t fall off.  She was repeatedly thumping her butt up and down on the bed, since her legs were the only part that was free to move.  I laid my leg over her stomach, and she finally settled down.  She kept licking my face in the dark (the only part of her she could reach out with), and bashed into my glasses once.

I dozed off for a moment, having stayed up all night.  When I woke up she was finally asleep.  After a while of listening to Lizzie breathing in the dark, the tech popped into to tell me that there were going to do the strobe light part of the test, and then it was over.  All in all it went very smoothly, and was done in an hour and a half.

They told me that they were going to have the results back probably by Tuesday, and that they got good data for the doctor.  Hopefully all goes well.  I can’t wait to find out what is the results are, then we’ll know where to go from here.