Today we went for a follow up to the orthopedic surgeon.  He looked Lizzie over.  Checked out how her braces are fitting.  He also had us take an x-ray of her pelvis to check out the hips he did surgery on back in June.  I was happy to receive a phone call this afternoon stating that her hips look great and we don’t need to see him again until next June.  Unless of course something else happens, or her braces need adjusting.  It’s a relief to have this taken care of.  One more appointment out of the way for a while.

When we were waiting for our van at the hospital’s valet, we noticed a familiar man in a bright red suit unloading a minivan full of toys onto carts to take to the children in the hospital.  Michael said, “Look, Mom, it’s Santa!”  After our van had pulled up, and we were getting ready to load Lizzie, the man in question materialized next to us, and told Michael he needed to be good.  Then he looked at Lizzie, stroked her cheek, and said, “I know you’re always good.”  To which Lizzie licked his glove.  I was silently praying she wasn’t going to bite Santa right then and there.  Santa produced two beanie babies, a black bear for Michael, and an otter for Lizzie (which she amazingly held onto until we were in the van which is unheard of).  Then with a twinkle in his eye, and a wink to Mom, he went back to his skids full of toys.  It was a nice surprise.  Michael actually voluntarily helped me load his sister after Santa’s visit.  Ha ha ha!  Or should I say, “Ho ho ho!”?