A while back some very nice friends of ours, Cub Scout Pack 69, did a fund-raiser for Lizzie.  Because of our friends, we were able to get something really cool for Lizzie.  We picked it up today.

This is Lizzie's new bike. We can steer or push, or she can.

Lizzie loved the ride.

Lizzie loves to ride. Look at the giggles.

Then she had to taste test her bike.  Or does she like it so much she’s kissing it?

Tasting or kissing? Tough call.

And finally, the best part.

It has a bell!

Lizzie has already managed to pedal some on her own power!  And has even rang the bell once!  I think this bike is going to really help her.  I look forward to her using it all summer long.  Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible: Pack 69, our friends and family, and Creative Mobility – who supplies these awesome bicycles to our area.