Today I am wearing green because it is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day.  We know the meaning of cerebral palsy in our house.  Cerebral palsy affects everyone who has it differently.  It means different things to different people.

To me cerebral palsy means:

Lizzie uses a tube in her stomach to eat because she can not swallow properly though she loves to taste food.

Lizzie still uses diapers because she can not use the bathroom.

Lizzie is just learning how to walk with a gait trainer at seven.

Lizzie’s main mode of transportation is a wheelchair.

Lizzie can not speak words, though it’s clear she has a lot to say.

Cerebral palsy is something we deal with every day. My daughter has cerebral palsy, but it doesn’t have her.  She is progressing every day, constantly improving and growing.  She is learning to walk.  She has a couple words.  She is eating better.  With help and therapy she is getting there.  Cerebral palsy just means it will take her a little longer, she’ll need extra help and she’ll take a different path from other kids her age.  But she’ll get there someday.