Yesterday I got a call from Lizzie’s cardiologist’s office.  Because apparently I had the foresight to realize that I would forget when it was time to see her and made our yearly follow-up at last year’s appointment.I didn’t even have the appointment on our calendar.  This left me the fun task of trying to secure a referral in a day.  Thank goodness for our pediatrician’s office.  I called them at 11:20 to request the referral and they called me back at 11:50 to tell me it was taken care of.  They’re wonderful!

Lizzie sees her cardiologist for her bicuspid aortic valve; a condition which means that her valve has two parts instead of three.  What this means for Lizzie is that her heart valve works harder than it should have to and because of that can leak or become stiff over time.  So, every year we bring her to the cardiologist for inspection.

Two tests are always performed at our appointment.  An ECHO, where her heart and its valve are looked at with an ultrasound.  And an EKG, where leads are put on her, and they check the electrical activity of her heart.  Neither of these tests are invasive or painful, and if all goes well her appointment should be quick and easy.

However, with Lizzie you don’t always get what you expect.  At last year’s appointment Lizzie was mad that she wasn’t allowed to hold the probe with the lovely cord during her ECHO.  She was even more mad when she realized that she had to hold still.  To say that she screamed would be an understatement.  She screamed so long and so hard through the entire ECHO that she made herself sick and threw up.  I felt so bad for the poor technician.

Then Lizzie fell asleep.  The doctor came in to see her and she slept through the exam.  We told the doctor how Lizzie had been doing.  The doctor discussed with us Lizzie’s upcoming hip surgery.  She told us after the EKG if we didn’t hear anything from her that we should follow-up in a year.  Then she left the room.

In the few minutes it took the technician to come back in, Lizzie woke up.  This time it was lead wires she was not allowed to touch.  And, of course, restricted movement again.  She screamed through the entire EKG.  It was the same tech that had done the ECHO.  I felt so sorry for that poor lady.

That was a year ago.  We’ve come a long way since then, but Lizzie still loves wires and cords and still hates being restrained in any way.  I’m hoping tomorrow won’t be a repeat of last year, but I’m afraid it will.  Because of his work schedule, Daddy probably won’t be able to help us tomorrow like he did last year.  I dread this appointment and what it might bring.  As always, we hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Wish us luck!