Michael was very thoughtful today.  He was given money to go out to the ice cream truck with instructions to buy ice cream for his dad, me, and himself.  He came back with four.  Upon his dad’s questioning, he said, “We forgot Lizzie!”

Lizzie, who is tube fed, does occasionally enjoy ice cream.  Giving her food by mouth is not something we do extremely often because of her constant gagging (we don’t know where that food is going when she gags), but we do give her treats from time to time, and try food occasionally to see how she’s progressing in her ability to swallow.

Buying her ice cream from the truck is not something we usually do, because usually she can’t eat enough to warrant buying her one, so she usually just shares mine.  Her brother thought of her today, and had extra money, so he bought her a Jolly Rancher Cool Tube, (sherbet in a tube, basically a push-up  pop).

Well, you would have thought it was Christmas.  I’ve never seen anything like it… she grabbed it with two hands, shoving it into her mouth over and over.  She licked it.  She held it.  SHE SELF FED!  I was so excited.  And more importantly, not much came back out, and she didn’t gag.  NOT ONCE!  Maybe getting rid of the medicine we’re weaning is helping.  Maybe the allergy meds are making her less gaggy.  I don’t know.  What I do know is she thoroughly enjoyed that ice cream, then gave me a very wet, very sticky kiss as a thank you.  This was awesomel!