This morning, as I do every morning, I presented my daughter with two choices for which shirt she would wear to summer school.  Normally, she will grab one out of my hand and bring it to her face as if kissing it and this is the one she will wear that day.  This morning, she kept shaking her head and wasn’t making a choice, so I placed both shirts on her bed railing about 1 1/2 feet apart, and went to go get her socks.  I knew she would grab one shirt off the railing, and figured that’s the one she would wear.  A minute later, I came back in the room, and she was sitting down from a standing position with the bright turquoise butterfly shirt.  I thought, “Great, she made a choice.”  So I went into the laundry room to look for the socks that matched that shirt.  I came back a minute later, and Miss Lizzie was standing up, yellow Snoopy shirt in her hand, with her arm dangling over the railing.  Maybe she hadn’t chosen.  So I thought either I’ll have her wear the first shirt she chose, or the one she’s holding when it’s time to put it on.  It was still going to be her choice.  But I forgot something.  Six hours after she was born, when I finally got wheeled down to the NICU to meet my daughter for the very first time, the NICU nurse spoke the following words.  “You have a very opinionated young lady on your hands.”  Nothing about my daughter has held more true all these years.  Lizzie transferred the shirt to her other hand, and I realized with this arm stuck out even farther from the bed what her intention was.  She was dropping it on the floor, not taking it into the bed with her.  She wasn’t choosing the Snoopy shirt.  Lizzie was making her choice, loud and clear.  That’s my opinionated girl. 🙂