Today we went for Lizzie’s first professional haircut.  For Lizzie, haircuts have always been a matter of necessity, starting with her very first haircut when she was 5 days old.  Our neurosurgeon handed me a small Ziploc baggie full of fine, wispy curls and simply stated “Baby’s first haircut.”  I still have that baggie in her baby box.  Since then, I have always trimmed Lizzie’s hair whenever it would get too bushy and she would fall asleep in her wheelchair.  Of course, with the weaning of the phenobarbital, she doesn’t sleep anywhere near as deep as she used to.  I once was able to cut Lizzie’s hair, trim her fingernails, her toe nails and change out her g-tube button all in one session without her even moving.  Now you can’t even snip one curl without her hand shooting up to her head which then starts moving.  And she barely ever falls asleep in her chair.  It became apparent that we would need a stylist who could work with Lizzie.  On a lark, I put “haircuts” and “disabilities” into Google.  An article about a place called “Pigtails and Crewcuts” popped up.  They stated in the article that they were happy to see and work with special needs kids, but the location in the article was kind of a drive for us.  Then I found out they had another location even closer to us.  I immediately emailed them to ask if there location also worked with special needs kids.  The manager called me to set an appointment.  That brings us to today.  Miss Wendy was awesome!  We will definitely be giving “Pigtails and Crewcuts” all of Lizzie’s hair business in the future.  Looking forward to our next trip.  The rest is better told in pictures.  Enjoy!


And so it begins.

Enjoying being pampered.

Break time!

Miss Wendy was awesome at working with moving heads and busy hands.

There were many toys for busy hands.

“W” is for Miss Wendy who cuts my hair.

Lizzie was a little more interested in tasting the princess’s dresses than putting them on the princess.

A little off the top.

Miss Wendy even managed to trim around those sensitive ears!

Loving it!

Loving the blow dryer.

And its cord!

Lots of giggles!

Loving that cord a little too much. Miss Wendy was fast with the power off switch.

Lots of brushes to check out.

Nicely feathered.

All done.

A clean up towel is Lizzie’s idea of high fashion! Silly girl.

Mommy cleaning up all the loose, dry hair pieces.