Today is the beginning of hydrocephalus awareness month.  Hydrocephalus is a condition that is defined by cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) building up in the ventricles of the brain.  Hydrocephalus can be caused by an over production of CSF or by an inability of CSF to drain due to blockage or inadequate drainage of the fluid from the brain.  In either circumstance, CSF building up can cause pressure on the brain that can cause seizures, headaches, vision issues, balance issues, or damage to the brain itself.

There are two main treatments for hydrocephalus.  A medically implanted shunt that takes the fluid from the brain to either the chest cavity or the abdominal cavity, where the fluid is then reabsorbed.  Or an edoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) which is basically drilling a bigger hole where one is too small for the fluid to pass, allowing it to pass along its regular cycle.  Neither of these is perfect.  Both can and do sometimes fail.  And neither is a cure.  Many people with hydrocephalus end up with multiple brain surgeries in their lifetimes.  And even when it is under control, hydrocephalus is still a life threatening condition.

We need to raise awareness.  We need better solutions, better treatments, and a cure for this condition.