For a couple weeks they have been talking about moving Lizzie up one classroom at school.  Apparently there was an influx in the number of students in Lizzie’s class and since Lizzie was on the cusp of moving up anyway they decided it was time.  When they told me, I went through some mixed emotions.  I was excited as most parents are at graduation times, but I was also afraid.  I was questioning if she was ready for this move.  I have been getting many updates about the progress, and they even tried her in the new classroom this week and she did well.  She is also with a teacher that she’s had in the past for summer school, so I wasn’t concerned about the teacher.  But we’ve had Miss Laura for the last few years.  Her classroom and parties and activities are comfortable and feel like home.  So while I look forward to the opportunity for Lizzie to grow, I worry about changes.  What else will change with a new classroom?

Then I got an e-mail from her physical therapist today.  We are in the process of trying to get Lizzie a new Rifton chair for home, since she has outgrown her old one.  She told me when I follow-up about the chair to contact a different therapist, because as of next week she will no longer be working with Lizzie.  I realized that Lizzie’s new placement must be happening next week.  But it wasn’t until she got home and I opened her backpack that it really felt definite.  This is what I found:


These are from Lizzie’s classroom.  There are laminated photos from her activity board, the birthday cake with her birth date on it, and the school bus with her bus number on it.  I got teary-eyed as I pulled them out.  I guess it’s official.  Miss Lizzie’s moving up.