In the last year, Miss Lizzie has learned how to give kisses.  If you are close enough, and she’s in a good mood, she will tilt her head back, smile, and extend her tongue.  She will then lick your cheek or mouth.  Usually these have happened in her wheelchair when I am leaning across her to hook up or unhook her feeding or if you ask her for one.  This is Lizzie’s kiss.  Or “smooches” as we call them.

Within the last 2 weeks, Miss Lizzie has decided that she wants to give me a bedtime kiss.  After her bedtime routine, if her railing is down, she sits up to give me a kiss.  If her railing is up, she will pull up to stand, just to give a kiss.  I love this new showing of affection.  She is so cute.  I always tell her that she gives the best smooches, and I will take all that she will give.  No wonder she’s my favorite girl in the universe.