Today, as I was getting Lizzie dressed, I was running a commentary as always.  I was telling her what a wonderful day it was and that since the weather was so nice that I definitely had to get her outside.  Yesterday we used her gait trainer outside, and she did really well with it.  Today I wasn’t sure if we should use her gait trainer again, or use her bicycle.  I mentioned this to her and I was finishing getting her dressed, and she started making “Buh,” sounds.  Now since the beginning of time for us, we’ve called Lizzie’s feedings babas since they started as bottles.  I looked at her smiling and saying “Buh, buh,” and I thought that’s what she was doing.  Never mind that b’s aren’t a common sound for her. I asked her, “Are you hungry, do you want a baba?” and then I saw her smile fall and I said, “That doesn’t make sense, you just had one.”  Then something occurred to me and I asked, “Bike?” she looked at me, and I asked, “You want to go on your bike?”  Her face lit up.  Now I don’t know if this was a fluke, or she was trying to say bike.  I’m praying it’s the latter. Image

So, a little while later after I pulled out the bike and cleaned the dust off of it from storage, I put her on it, and we did our usual walk around the circular street where we live.  Miss Lizzie was really pulling on the handlebars today, which was causing me to have to hold tight to the push handle and battle to keep her from veering too far.  I had just decided to walk around the front to flip the handles out of her range of grasp, when she started moving!  Lizzie was pedaling all by herself!  With the exception of a couple of times that I had to give her a nudge to restart her, she must have gone about 30 to 40 feet on her own.  I am completely amazed.  My eyes were tearing up.  I was so proud of her.  This is the first time she has ever done it alone.