Lizzie is 9-years-old today.  A couple of exciting things happened this year.  First we said goodbye to a really scary diagnosis.  It turns out that Lizzie’s aortic valve has three parts as it should, not two like they thought.  So bye-bye bicuspid aortic valve!  That was wonderful.  We also said good-bye to phenobarbital.  This was a medication that was holding Lizzie back with her progress. Lizzie is 19 months today with no seizures.  She is still on the Topamax and Keppra, and we see her neurologist tomorrow.


In addition to everything on her list last year, Lizzie can:

Pedal a short distance unassisted on her tricycle.

Walk with her gait trainer from one end of her school to the other, participate in a half-hour of gym and walk back.

Empty the top drawer of her dresser from standing in her bed.

Tolerate her iPad long enough to draw a kaleidoscope picture.

Her ability to keep food in her mouth seems to have improved, and her swallowing also.

Upcoming for Lizzie:

A swallow study is being scheduled, and based on the results her therapists will decide if it is safe to work on feeding at school.


Always progress, and as she continues to grow I am anticipating more exciting things to come.  Happy birthday, baby girl!  I am so proud of you.