This morning we had to go out.  I got Miss Lizzie ready,  but when I was done and put my arms out to ask her if she wanted to go,  she turned her head away and didn’t come to me like she usually does.  She wasn’t being difficult,  but playful. She was smiling as she was ignoring me.  Usually she tells me she wants to go by practically leaping into my arms or pulling on my arms. We didn’t have time to figure out what she was up to because we had to get her brother to band camp,  so she had to go.  Her dad scooped her up and moved her to her chair. End of discussion. 

This afternoon I had planned a trip to the mall after picking up her brother from school. Again after getting her ready she was playing with me.  Playful and coy. Sitting just a tiny bit out of easy reach, turning her head away from me with a big smile on her face.

The dogs started dancing just outside her door letting me know they needed to go out. I suddenly realized in our haste to leave the house early that morning I’d forgotten to water my garden. So I put Lizzie’s bed rail up. “I guess you can stay home with Dad.” I told her.  “See you later.” I waved as I left the room to let the dogs out.

I went out with the dogs and watered my garden. I was probably gone all of five minutes. I opened the door to hear someone yelling loudly from her room.  “All done.  All done. All done.” Over and over. Someone was done playing games and wanted me to know she still wanted to go out.

I went back in her room and she stood up by her railing. Someone was really ready to go. With minimal coaching she moved to the end of her bed so I could put her railing down and helped me transfer her to her chair. I love when we get these moments of clear communication and I love that she used her words to tell me she was ready to go.